Crazy Shaving Barber Salon

Crazy Shaving Barber Salon

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Welcome to the Crazy Shave Salon, where you have 4 lovely characters who would like their beard trimming!
These are no ordinary characters, they are crazy-random! Let's face it, how many Genies do you know that turn up at the local barbershop? Not many ...Right!

Let's introduce you to the 4 characters in this fantastic fun game.

Clive 'The Boss' - Clive runs a local business, he likes to keep himself tidy, he is a manager, but a friendly manager, he knows how to reward his staff, and they love working for him, they have paid for his shaving to be done at the Crazy Barbershop!

Wilfred 'The Employee' - Wilfred is a newly employed jacuzzi salesman, so he knows all about luxury, but he does need a good beard trim, so where else would he go?!

Sid 'The Punk Rocker' - Sid is a punk rocker at heart, he rocks to punk music all day long, when he is not working that is... With his crazy mohawk hairstyle, and nose and eyebrow piercings, Sid looks scarier than he is, he is a gentleman at heart!

Zafar 'The Genie' - You know, even Genie's need a beard trim from time to time, Zafar does not get his own wishes granted, so he has to ask others to trim his beard and keep him looking ultra tidy for when he is flying around the world granting wishes to others!

The fun is only just beginning, because this game has lots of fun, realistic tools to use, that you would find in many a barbershop!

You have Razors, electric shavers, scissors, trimmers, shaving foam and even hair-grow! (For those moments that you take TOO much hair off, or if you just want to play around!)

Sometimes, the customer might get a rash or shaving spot, no problem, just use one of the plasters and some rash cream, and all will be fine!

Spray some aftershave on the customer to finish, and they will leave with a big smile!

For the craziest, wackiest and most fun adventure using your android device, take a trip to the Crazy Shaving Barber Shop Salon, and give those customers a makeover!
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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Fragranze Apps Limited
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  • License: Free
  • Last Update: June 10, 2024
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