Dungeon Hunter 6

Dungeon Hunter 6

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Dungeon Hunter is BACK!
Thrilling Gameloft ARPG Sequel!
Unite, fearless Bounty Hunters, and embrace Dungeon Hunter VI - a unique and enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey that continues the cherished Dungeon Hunter saga. As a seasoned dungeon crawler, enter uncharted dungeon territories, reunite with iconic Dungeon Hunter characters, and experience a new level of excitement in this extraordinary action-packed MMORPG installment!

Return to Valenthia's dungeons 200 years after the brave sacrifice of the Dungeon Hunter and experience brand new thrilling Dungeon quests, in a scale never seen before in a Dungeon Hunter game. The Hunter's legacy is interwoven with action, as dungeons beckon with the promise of untold loot and hack-and-slash glory.

Join the Heroes' journey as they try to stop the malevolent powers that emerged from the Forbidden Towers, and combat hordes of Demons in an EPIC dungeon crawl for loot, hack-and-slash mastery in Dungeon Hunter VI. This action MMORPG sets new standards for action games!

Pick one of the 7 available Dungeon Hunter classes, summon your most trusted Companions and dive into Dungeons as you save the realm from new and returning evils in Dungeon Hunter VI. The Hunter's path is strewn with action, hack-and-slash challenges, and loot beyond imagination.

Wealth, Respect, Glory, Power… all await in Dungeon Hunter VI!

Game Highlights:
Immerse Yourself in New Action-Packed Adventures
Embark on an epic new Dungeon Hunter Campaign, solve the mysteries of the Forbidden Towers and save the Realm from the Demons.
Explore Valenthia like never before in Dungeon Hunter VI and experience new unique dungeons brimming with action and loot.

Forge Your Own Dungeon Hunter's Journey
Choose from the iconic Dungeon Hunter classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, Boon Sister, Shaman and Bloodthirsty Knight;
In Dungeon Hunter VI, gear up and customize your Heroes, piece by piece, for epic hack-and-slash battles!
Customize your Dungeon Hunter skill trees suited to how you play!

Rally Your Dungeon Forces and Forge New Bonds
In Dungeon Hunter VI, gather and summon powerful Lieutenants that range from Monsters to Legendary Heroes of the Past!
Join or create Dungeon Hunter Guilds and collaborate with allies to loot and defeat formidable foes that threaten your world!

Premium Quality Gaming Experience of Dungeon Hunter VI
Stunningly upgraded visuals in Dungeon Hunter VI bring the world alive with vivid locations, well-designed characters, and dynamic hack-and-slash combat effects.
Find yourself immersed in a captivating Dungeon Hunter narrative, brought to life by professional voice acting and a compelling sound tracks designed for loot hunters and action lovers.

Prepare to delve deeper into the heart of action with Dungeon Hunter VI, where every hack and slash, every piece of loot, and every dungeon adventure cements your legacy as the ultimate hunter in this MMORPG world. The dungeons await, Hunter—are you ready to claim your destiny and become a legend in the exhilarating world of Dungeon Hunter VI?

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