Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense

Overrun: Zombie Tower Defense

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Are you ready for the ultimate zombie apocalypse challenge? Overrun invites you to dive into a world of strategic zombie shooting! Assemble your armory, build your base, and defend your survivors against the relentless hordes of the infected. Put your skills to the test in this free-to-play zombie tower defense game, and show the walking dead who's boss! Don't let your guard down - one misstep and your base could quickly become a desolate ruin! Stay vigilant and protect your stronghold!
Battle Zombies - Fight For Survival!

The world as we know it has come to an end. 99% of the population have been infected with a deadly virus, transforming them into ravenous, bloodthirsty zombies. As a brave leader of a small group of survivors, it's up to you to arm them to the teeth and fight against the hordes of the undead. Can you outwit the zombie menace and save the human race?

Are you ready to take on the zombie hordes and reap the rewards? Collect Z-Bucks with every zombie you slay and get ready to shop! Stock up on powerful explosives, distractions, power-ups and defensive structures to give you the edge against the zombie hordes. Buy that rocket launcher or 50 caliber rifle you've always wanted, and get ready to take on the zombie apocalypse!

Unlock Epic Rewards!

Unlock powerful rewards as you survive wave after wave of zombies! Scavenge the battlefield for items like first aid kits and grenades, with the chance of stumbling upon something truly special - such as a cluster or napalm strike! As you progress, these rewards will be available for purchase in the apocalypse shop - but the battlefield offers the best chance for a free bonus!

Construct Your Stronghold!

Face off against hordes of zombies and test your skills as you build and upgrade your defenses. Unlock powerful new structures to help you stave off the relentless undead and survive the zombie apocalypse. Strategically use your resources to stay one step ahead of the zombie forces and ultimately emerge victorious.

Lead Your Team of Survivors!

You've been fighting the zombie hordes and have become a legend among survivors! Now, new survivors flock to your cause, eager to join your group and bring their weapons to the fight. With each new member, your group's strength and power grows as they level up, heal, and prepare for the next wave. But beware - you can only take on a certain number of survivors, so choose wisely! With the right strategy and the right group, you'll be able to overcome the toughest of zombie hordes. Join the fight and make a name for yourself!

Lead your survivors in a fight for survival against the relentless onslaught of the undead! Strategically direct their fire, dodge bullets and use powerful items like grenades and molotovs to take down hordes of the walking dead. Prove your worth and become the ultimate survivor with Overrun - download NOW!
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  • Category: Games
  • Platform: Android
  • Developer: Wildfire Games Ltd.
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  • License: Free
  • Last Update: June 13, 2024
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