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Pokebattler Raid Party

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**Now with access to thousands of Global Raids daily! The fastest and easiest remote raid coordinator, raid counter guide, and group raid party simulator for Pokemon Go **
Host and join raids all over the world so you can raid anytime, anywhere!
Know whether you and your group can defeat a Raid Boss and the best counters to use instantly!
Free to use, ad-free, safe, accurate, and super easy to use tool to plan and play raids and beat bosses faster and more easily.
Raid Party features global and private friend raids from all over the world. Share friend codes and coordinate over discord and catch those Pokemon!
The Raid Party lets you see the best generic counters or the best custom counters from your Pokebattler account, share your counters with your friends, and find out your chances of beating the current raid bosses in Pokemon GO together.
Use your custom raid number to invite friends to your Raid Party and know ahead of time what counters everyone is using so you know your exact chances to defeat your chosen boss.
Take your Pokemon Go raiding to a new level with this user-friendly and data-driven app!
Optional subscription options allow for an optimized experience with larger Pokeboxes and more accurate simulations.
** Full Feature List **
• Global raid lists from within the app and pulled in from popular Discord servers
• Automatic Discord integration so you can coordinate with your fellow raiders
• Easy to use User Interface
• Generic Counters available to anyone for free
•Easy to share links
•Discord Bot integration to invite friends
• Custom Counters available for subscribers.
• Add or Delete Pokemon fast
• Custom Raid Simulations based on what your whole group is using
• Data Points include Time, Time to win, TDO, Estimator, Deaths, and Deaths to Win.
- Time -
length of the battle until you win or die.

- Time to Win
How long it will take you to win. If this is longer than Time then you will die.
Total damage to the raid boss.

- Estimator
How many iterations of your Pokemon it would take the defeat the boss. If it’s under 1 - you probably win! If it’s over 1, you’ll probably lose.
- Deaths
Number of times you have one (?) Pokemon die during the battle. If this number is higher than the total Pokemon in the battle, you lose.
- Deaths to Win
How many deaths it would take of each Pokemon before beating the boss. If this number is higher than the total deaths number, you will lose.


** Overview **
By the makers of Pokebattler.com, Raid Party uses highly advanced algorithms and Monte Carlo simulations to give trainers highly accurate raid counters.
Save time and potions by quickly and easily entering in your best Pokemon and finding out which to use to beat raid bosses the fastest and most easily.
Existing Pokebattler.com subscribers will have their previously entered Pokemon from their Pokebox instantly available.
Each raid party will have a unique number code. Give that code to friends or even invite them through a Discord or text link and they will automatically be added to your Raid Party. See precise data on how hard it will be for you to take down a raid boss together, and what counters your friends may be using.
Those without an account who don’t want to enter Pokemon will have the top 6 generic counters chosen for them for fast and (mostly accurate) results.
More features coming soon such as:
In app notifications to friends
Learn more at https://Pokebattler.com/RaidParty
Follow us on Twitter @Pokebattler_com


Raid Party is not affiliated with the Pokemon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, Nintendo, or the Pokemon Company.
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