Speedy Clean - Junk Cleaner

Speedy Clean - Junk Cleaner

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Are you fed up with duplicate photos, videos, contacts & more clogging up your device?

If so, Speedy Clean is the answer — This advanced cleaning app will scan, identify & remove junk files in a matter of seconds!

What does Speedy Clean really do?

• Delete Duplicate Photos

These days it’s very common to get snap happy when you’re out and about with family & friends, whether it’s live photos, bursts, filters or screenshots - It all quickly adds up and clogs up your phone!

Speedy Clean quickly scans & identifies these redundant files allowing you to effortlessly delete them from your device, instantly gaining back valuable storage space.

• Delete Similar Videos

Shooting videos is great fun and it’s easy to double up when you get into the moment whether you’re at a birthday party, at a concert or just filming your cat fooling around..

A 60 second video can typically use around 100MB storage, if you’ve got duplicates you’re wasting a ton of space, this is where Speedy Clean comes in handy.

Quickly identify & remove duplicate videos so you regain storage space which can also help boost the performance of your device.

• Organize contacts

Over the years your contacts list can become messy, in many cases it’s common to see several identical contacts and even some which are unnamed.

Speedy Clean makes the cleanup process hassle-free when it comes to organizing your contacts list - You can merge or delete at the tap of a button.

• Speed Test

If you’re trying to simply browse the internet or do work on the go, it can be frustrating if the WiFi network you are on is slow.

Carry out a quick internet speed test to see how your connection is performing.

• Event Cleaner

If the event has been and gone, it’s time to clear it out. Keep the memories in the photos & videos but keep things organized and quickly delete historic events with a single tap.

Cleaning up your device can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task but with Speedy Clean we take the hassle out of the process, allowing you to quickly regain valuable storage space and which in turn can help improve the performance of your device.

Try the app out today for free and see how good the features can be!

Start a free trial to familiarize yourself with all the app’s features.
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